Our Water Damage and Mould remediation technicians have spent a busy few years working in multiple flooding events, most recently the hugely damaging 2022 North Coast floods. In fact we are still involved in the Lismore clean up and in Lismore mould remediation, more than a year after the floods occurred! The town of Lismore is extremely resilient with many occupants having occupied the area for 4+ generations and no plans except for rebuilding. The stories of horses on roofs and Bulls sitting on cars are both extraordinary and common in Lismore. Other lesser known Northern NSW locations where we completed a significant amount of work in 2022 included water damage and mould remediation in Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Condong, Ballina and Woodburn.

Cost effective mould remediation

On a brighter note for those requiring professional mould remediation, we are very excited to finally have our hands on the cost reducing mould solution, the Serum System. Serum is well proven and utilised over the last decade by the largest restorers throughout America and Europe, however has not been licensed for distribution and available in Australia, until now and we are the first to have it!

Traditionally in Australia, one of the most expensive elements of mould remediation is the aggressive cleaning and removal of mould from timber frames. This has predominantly been completed by either time consuming manual sanding or expensive media blasting, such as dry ice blasting followed by H.E.P.A. vacuuming.

The use of a serum system in mould remediation can be an effective approach to treating and preventing mould growth. The serum system involves the application of specially formulated products designed to address mould-related issues.

The Serum system instead uses chemical agitation! Based on specific accelerants mixing with advanced formulated hydrogen peroxide exactly when the trigger is pulled, Serum is able to penetrate deep into the timber substrate and other semi-porous materials BOILING mould, biofilm and fungal ROOTS to the surface.
In line with the IICRC S520 mould remediation standard, this process still removes the mould, just in a much more efficient and economic manner. As a summary, this product is not spray and pray! It extracts all mould particulate, bringing it to the surface for easy removal via HEPA vacuuming instead of other expensive agitation methods. Suitable containment setup under negative air and HEPA vacuuming are still required.

It’s important to note that mould remediation can be a complex process, and the use of a serum system should be carried out by our trained professionals. At Cleopatra Cleaning, we have the knowledge and expertise to assess the situation, select the appropriate serums, and apply them effectively to achieve the desired results.

The result for our customers requiring professional mould remediation?


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